Finding My Voice


#NoCover ….. #VoiceUnveiled

For a long time I found myself afraid to speak even though I had a lot to say.  People have a hard time believing me when I say that because I have stood before hundreds of people to sing. The truth is, I have always been concerned about what people would think about what I was saying when there was no melody, no music, no background singers, just me, center stage, nothing and no one to cover up or hide my vulnerability.  Perhaps I would sound too country.  I have heard that before.  Perhaps they would think what I said was not intelligent enough.  I have had people correct me. Eye roll.

Well, I have come to this conclusion, “I am who I am”.  I sound country because I am straight out of the country.  I am not deep, I am not complicated or controversial.  I do not speak as though I am at a press conference and someone has written me a speech.  I am far from an English Scholar (check my punctuation and improper grammar).  However, I know who I am and I like me, I love me.  I am simple and I want to say what I want to say.  I want to find my voice. I want to simply speak.

I have found that facing the very thing that made me feel vulnerable has been a blessing for me.  I am going to use this blog to speak my heart.  I am not sure what that will be from one day to the next. I do not want to be heard by anybody, but at the same time I want to be heard by everybody.  I am not targeting any particular group of people. I mostly want to speak to me.  My inner me is my worst critic. For example, I have read and edited what I have written above about fifty times.  When I post this blog, I will have decided I am being ridiculous and just need to get it done because no matter how many times I go through it, there will be something missing or something else that I can add to make it better.

To my inner me and every super judgemental individual out there, I would like to release this statement, “My simplicity speaks volumes”.  So, here’s to me finding my voice.  I encourage everyone that can relate to let simplicity speak by simply speaking.

About SimplicitySpeaks

I am simple and uncomplicated. I am excited about life and what remains to be seen and experienced. This blog is my unveiling. It is me in a state of mind free from the cares of other people's judgement and opinions. I'm free to be me and I am ecstatic about it. #NoCover ….. #VoiceUnveiled
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